Dispensing NHS prescriptions

Dispensing your NHS prescription is one of the most important things we do for you and we take great pride in aiming to offer you an excellent dispensing service. We try to make sure you are not kept waiting unnecessarily for your medicine and we will always make sure that a pharmacist is available to answer any questions you may have about your medicine.

Dispensing involves a number of key steps such as checking your prescription to ensure each medicine is safe and appropriate for you to take, dispensing and labelling the medicine, checking your medicine has been selected and labelled accurately and providing you with personalised advice about how to take your medicine.

We have a team of staff who work in our dispensary which includes pharmacists, an accredited pharmacy checking technician, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistant and everyone has their own role in ensuring your prescription is dispensed safely and efficiently.

We hold an extensive range of medicines in stock. We also receive over six different deliveries of medicines a day from our various suppliers which means that if we cannot supply all your medicine immediately we will either order it in as soon as possible or else we will try to find another pharmacy who has it in stock.