Travel health clinic

Over 70 million trips abroad are made from the UK every year, but around 50% of travellers seek no health advice before travelling.

At McPherson’s Pharmacy, we know there are many things to think about when preparing for your travels, but your health should be high on your priority list! Our specially trained pharmacists provide a comprehensive travel health service to help you understand any risks and take appropriate preventative measures.

Your first step on your travel clinic journey is to register your details and complete a free online pre-travel risk assessment. At the end of this assessment, you will be given a 14-digit consultation code. Once you have this code, please contact your preferred participating pharmacy by email, phone or in person, this will allow the pharmacist to assess your needs before arranging a convenient appointment with you.

You can start your consultation by clicking on the link below, this will take you to the travel health and vaccination service through our parent company, Davidsons Chemists.

Start your travel clinic consultation

If you require vaccinations for your trip, you may need to allow time for more than one dose, so we advise seeing us 6-8 weeks before departure. Contact us as early as possible in planning your trip. Don’t worry if you’re leaving sooner – we may still be able to help!

Before completing your assessment, it will be useful to have the following information to hand:

 Dates and Duration of stay
 Planned/intended activities
 Recent destinations and vaccinations received
 Pre-existing medical conditions
 Current medication

Treatment includes a full range of travel vaccines (currently excluding yellow fever) and anti-malarial medication. We can also provide treatment for Period Delay, Travellers Diarrhoea and Altitude Sickness.