Social Distancing

We are here for you, as we always have been!

How are we changing things?
To make sure that we can provide you with the great range of services you expect from McPhersons, while keeping you and our team safe, we have made a few changes to how we are operating.

We are still limiting the number of customers we have in our branches at any one time, but we are very much open for business.
This is so that safe social distancing of 2 metres can be maintained. This protects you, your family and our teams. We have had police visits to many of our branches to check that we’re doing what we should to ensure safe social distancing, and they have been very happy with what they’ve seen.

We are wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
This might look a bit scary, but it’s all in the name of keeping everyone well. Our teams need to be protected so that they and their families stay well – that way they can continue to do their jobs and look after you and your family.

We will fetch your goods for you.
If you wish to buy products from us, you will see that we have restricted your ability to browse our products. This is to minimise the number of times the products are handled, and therefore reduce the likelihood of virus transmission. You can still buy them though – our teams will act as your ‘personal shopper’ and pick them from the shelves for you!

We have had to limit some of our services recently, but we’re finding new ways to deliver them to you safely.
We will be offering remote consultations if you cannot get to the branch, or if you need a longer, more in-depth discussion with the pharmacist. We are adding an online shopping for selected items as well as a click and collect service to our website so that we can prepare your goods in advance of your visit or prescription delivery, so you just need to pay! We have a new smoking cessation service online registration form. We will keep you up to date with these exciting new ideas as we launch them.

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