Our Prescription Lockers

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What are they?

Our lockers are safe prescription collection machines that store your dispensed medicines ready for you to collect whenever convenient.

What are the benefits?

For busy, working patients picking up a prescription can be an inconvenience. Our collection lockers put an end to waiting by providing 24/7 access to your medicines. 

For our teams, it cuts queues enabling them to spend more time with our patients’ looking for advice or requiring extra support with their medicines – adding real value to our patients. 

How does it work?

After an initial sign-up to the service, prescriptions are dispensed as usual and then loaded into the collection locker.  At this point, we send you a text message with a unique PIN advising that your medicines are dispensed and ready for collection.  

You can collect safely by entering the PIN on the touchscreen, and your medicines are immediately available for collection. 

Simple and convenient. 

How long do I have to collect my prescription?​

Once you receive your text saying your prescription is ready, it will be available in the locker for two days. Don’t worry – we’ll send a reminder text just in case you forget to pick it up.  

If you can’t make it, we will take your prescription out of the machine and store it securely in the pharmacy until you are ready to collect it by coming into the pharmacy.  Alternatively, contact the pharmacy, and we will place your medicines back into the locker and send you a new code. 

Are there any requirements or exclusions?

To register for the service, we require you to give consent for us to contact you, if necessary, via the mobile phone number you provided to discuss your medicines or other aspects of your care.   We will do this either by sending you a different text message or, if urgent, calling you.  

If you take medications for long-term conditions, we will also invite you for an annual medication review with our pharmacist. 

Certain medicines are excluded from the service, including medications that must be stored in the fridge, controlled drugs or bulky items like dressings, etc. Ask a member of our pharmacy team if your medicines are appropriate to be held in the locker. 

How to register

You can also complete this registration form or, if preferred, visit the pharmacy, where our staff will be at hand to help sign you up for the service.