Medication Review

A Medicines Review is a free NHS service with our pharmacist, or qualified technician, in our private consultation room.

It is an opportunity for you to discuss the medicines you are taking, help you find out more about them, pick up any problems you might be having and discuss what works best for you.

Identified problems could include unpleasant side-effects, difficulty swallowing tablets or remembering when to take them.  In many instances the pharmacist will be able to resolve problems themselves, but they may need to speak to your doctor about changing your prescription.

Of course, our Pharmacists are always available to answer questions about your medicines, but spending more time together through this formal review to discuss your medication will ensure you are getting the best from your medicines.

In advance of the medication review it be helpful if we could gather more information about your medical history and wider health issues to ensure a comprehensive check of the medication you receive.  Ask our team for our Medical History Update form, or call/email McPherson-Pharmacy directly.