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Ohelo Bottle 500ML – Yellow


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This classic double-walled vacuum insulated bottle is the perfect companion to help you stay happy and hydrated, no matter what your day has in store for you. The unique British design will help you stand out from the crowd.

The Ohelo reusable water bottle will keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and your cold drinks cold for 24 hours. With its unique British design you will be eco conscious and stylish at the same time. Ohelo pledge to make beautiful reusables the new normal, to help fight the war on plastic. The Ohelo packaging is made of recycled paper which can be recycled again. It also makes a great gift box. The stainless steel bottles should last for years and once they have had a good battering the the steel is easily recycled. Sustainability high-five!

Key Features:
– Designed in the UK focusing on form and function
– Leak-proof cap keeps your drinks exactly where they should be – securely inside
– Interchangeable carry strap – moves naturally on stainless steel pivots providing perfect portability
– Double walled insulation – Advanced double walled stainless steel technology
– Copper linings provide enhanced thermal insulation
– Durable – Vacuum insulated high-quality 18/8 stainless steel withstands the rigours of everyday life
– Safe to use – BPA, BPS and BPF free. No chemical leaching from stainless steel.
– Electropolished interiors provide further bacterial resistance and improved cleanability
– Condensation free – the lead-free powder coat finish provides a chip-resistant, slip-resistant high-end finish
– Unique “no base cap” design means less material used in manufacture and lighter, more streamlined bottle

Sustainability credentials:
– Packaging made from recycled paper that can be recycled again
– The Stainless steel bottles can be recycled – unlike plastic bottles which can only be recycled once or twice, steel can be recycled endlessly
– Lead free solder – safer for factory workers during manufacturing process

Product Care:
We recommend you use hot soapy water to clean your Ohelo product after every use. For a good old fashioned thorough clean you can use some bicarbonate of soda with water to make a paste and scrub the inside with that. However, please clean with soft cloths or a bottle brush, as harsher scouring pads can cause damage to your stainless steel. Damage can also be caused when cleaning stainless steel if you use chemicals which are too strong, such as chloride containing bleaches. This is why it is best to use hot soapy water or bicarbonate of soda as your cleaning material of choice. We recommend allowing your Ohelo to drain upside down, to allow water to run out, and then storing it with the lid off.

– Materials: high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, lid made from food grade polypropylene with a stainless steel mesh/strainer
– Dimensions: 7.3cm W x 23.9cm H, mouth diameter 4.4cm
– Capacity: 500ml
– Weight 318g

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